July 8, 2007


Saw this on the news today and wanted to make a point to write about it!! What the HECK are these STUPID CRAZY people thinking, anyway??!! If they are dumb enough to join in this dangerous event.. then they are earning their injury if they get hurt... Apparently, people do get hurt.. GORED!!! It's scarey!!

I didn't take any of these photos, btw!


barbara said...

Yeah, I don't like this either. You have to be out of your mind!
Then I just hate bull fighting :(
No poor animal deserves to be slaughtered.

ColourMeCrazy said...

I totally agree - it's dumb dumb dumb!

lil^witch said...

I agree!
how anyone could call it a sport is beyond me. honestly, i don't blame the bull for hurting those people. it probably thought they were stupid too and decided, "what the heck.." lol.

Holy Shit We are Getting Hitched said...

Interestingly, many cities in Spain have banned the killing of the bull.

I will be traveling through Spain one of my spots for the honeymoon.

I will not be doing this. My fiance's cousin got gored by a stray bull. They had been drinking all night and the running actually happens at 8:00 or so when everyone is still wasted. A bull got loose or something and gored him. His horn went through his anus and pierced his bladder. The toxicity from all the drinking leaked out internally and caused him to go septic. he spent three months in a non-airconditioned hospital in Spain before they could airlift him back to the states where he was in the hospital another 8 months.

It's a miracle he did not die.

The people are crazy.