July 29, 2007

A little bit from the region near Toulouse...

We were about 2 hours from Toulouse, but here are some examples of the regional "red brick" buildings.. La vie en "rose" as it is referred to....

Sunflowers in Toulouse

We were astonished at the number of fields of SUNFLOWERS we saw while driving from Pau to Vidauban. This was mainly in the region of Toulouse, where my hubby hopes to be transferred to at work! I HOPE so!!! My favorite flower is the SUNFLOWER, as most of my friends, know! As we pulled over for a quick "pit stop" dans la nature, I captured these flowers. And just so you know... it was a break for an instant in the RAINSTORM we were stuck in almost our entire 10 hour drive to the south of France!!!!

July 21, 2007

Looking for some SUN!!!

It's been NOTHING but COLD, CLOUDY and RAINY during our entire trip! I am really getting depressed with this weather, feeling that I am more in the winter mode than summer mode! Yesterday, it was 17 C. We are off in search of some warmer weather.... What is the weather like where YOU are??? Let me know.....

July 20, 2007

July 19, 2007

Chez les Gelenscer.... Mexican Fiesta

Here we are again in La Roche syo... with pretty much the same crowd as on the 4th July.. but this time at Val and Pat's place! IT was a very fun day... and we ate A LOT!!!! ARRIBA!!!!!!


Papi Toro & Co.