June 10, 2007

La confiture d'abricot....The making of APRICOT jam at home...

C'est MOI qui l'ai fait!!!! Today, I made apricot jam... YUMMMMMM!!!

On of my favorite jams is apricot. So, I finally decided to make some since the fig jam I made last summer turned out so well. From this batch, I got 8 jars, so it turned out pretty good. Alex says it's a little bitter, but I think it's perfect, because I used only 3 1/2 cups of sugar with 8 cups of apricots, instead of one cup of sugar per one cup of apricots.


ColourMeCrazy said...

Looks yum! But did you have to chop ALL those apricots by hand???

Anonymous said...

Hey, the pics of the apricot jam aren't pulling up. Oh, well. I remember the fig jam. So good. I had a peanut butter and fig jam sandwich with it! Awesome!

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Tony Malanga