June 25, 2007

Gare du Nord.... Indian quarter

Today we got together in the Indian quarter, just a few blocks from the Gare du Nord... and ate at a really wonderful Indian restaurant. It was a nice little dive, and full of locals (that's how you know it's really good). The food was D-LISH... all fresh ingredients, great variety, generous portions, and inexpensive... We will DEFINITELY go there again!


ColourMeCrazy said...

Ooooo, I've eaten in a few restaurants around the Gare du Nord area and they've all been yummy! Which one did you go to?

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Fiona-- I have to find the card... It was really good, though!!! --Leesa

Anonymous said...

mmmmm I LOVE Indian food Leese. Excellent place in Hilly-crest that Janet and I have been too. Hopefully I can go to some good places with you and Alex!-Sarah E