June 3, 2007

First came "le pain..." and next... "le fromage"

What would La France BE without it's wonderful PAIN???


Anonymous said...

Please snap some angles of my favorite ALMOND CROISSANT. Let me drool a little.

ColourMeCrazy said...

All this food is making me hungry!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Gary... I KNOW that is you hiding behind the anonymous comment about the almond croissant!!!

CRIZ LAI said...

How I wished I am staying over your country now. Look at all those pastries...blah blah blah makes me real hungry now. And the fruits are so abundant and fresh. Even the toppings for the pastries have a generous amount of fruits.

Gosh...how you managed to stay slim with all those food? :P

Anyway, thanks for the comment in my post. Really honoured to have you there. Have a nice day then :)

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Criz,
Oh.. it is NOT easy!!
You have to be moderate or block it out completely... that and work out, walk a lot and enjoy life! Sounds simple, eh? Nice to see you on my blog.. Please stop by again.. you are always welcome!!! Have a nice day, too.. --Leesa