June 24, 2007

A busy day in Antony!

I have noticed that on random days, the police stage a "control" of traffic.. that is to say.. they go out and give tickets to drivers breaking the law... I actually think this is a WONDERFUL idea... 'cuz their are soooo many horrible drivers here!! They should do this EVERY DAY... in my opinion!!! THey does this for the bus and the metro, too.. not the police, but other controler's and you get a fine if you are caught without a ticket..


Anonymous said...

Um, excuse me, but I was first to point out the police's strange traffic techniques! Didn't I have us hide near a bush to observe their bizarre tactics? It takes four to give a ticket in Antony!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hahaha-- Yes... I forgot aobut the binocs.. I will take a picture of that next time for you .... --Leesa