June 28, 2007

Blog SPOT!

Hello Everyone. Today the power cable for my Macbook broke and the battery ran out... So, since all of my France photos live on the Macbook, I am going to take this opportunity to add some posts on my Polynesia Blog... To view it, please go to my profile and at the bottom you will see a list of my other blogs... Please check them out... The are really still WIP (Works in Progress) but until I get the new cable from UPS in the next day or so, this is where I will be blogging... Almost 3 years ago, I spent one month in French Polynesia- 6 islands in one month! My favorites were Moorea and Huahine! Met a ton of very nice people- travelers and natives. I did a lot of yoga, walking and biking! I was braided and very tan, as well... See for yourself! A bientot!! --Leesa

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ColourMeCrazy said...

cool! I'll have to check your new blog out!