June 30, 2007

June 29, 2007

Miscelaneous CUTENESS!!!!

A friend sent me these photos via email... (I did not take them)/

June 28, 2007

Blog SPOT!

Hello Everyone. Today the power cable for my Macbook broke and the battery ran out... So, since all of my France photos live on the Macbook, I am going to take this opportunity to add some posts on my Polynesia Blog... To view it, please go to my profile and at the bottom you will see a list of my other blogs... Please check them out... The are really still WIP (Works in Progress) but until I get the new cable from UPS in the next day or so, this is where I will be blogging... Almost 3 years ago, I spent one month in French Polynesia- 6 islands in one month! My favorites were Moorea and Huahine! Met a ton of very nice people- travelers and natives. I did a lot of yoga, walking and biking! I was braided and very tan, as well... See for yourself! A bientot!! --Leesa

June 25, 2007

Little India- Gare du Nord

Indian sweet treats... They look yummy!!

I have NO idea what they are, but they looked YUMMY!!! I wonder what they are made of???

Gare du Nord.... Indian quarter

Today we got together in the Indian quarter, just a few blocks from the Gare du Nord... and ate at a really wonderful Indian restaurant. It was a nice little dive, and full of locals (that's how you know it's really good). The food was D-LISH... all fresh ingredients, great variety, generous portions, and inexpensive... We will DEFINITELY go there again!

June 24, 2007

Random shots of ME!

A busy day in Antony!

I have noticed that on random days, the police stage a "control" of traffic.. that is to say.. they go out and give tickets to drivers breaking the law... I actually think this is a WONDERFUL idea... 'cuz their are soooo many horrible drivers here!! They should do this EVERY DAY... in my opinion!!! THey does this for the bus and the metro, too.. not the police, but other controler's and you get a fine if you are caught without a ticket..

Dinner with Beth and Cappy...

Family friends visiting in Paris last week... We had a chance to see them in Paris. We enjoyed a very nice dinner together.

June 23, 2007

Parc de Sceaux

Natural flora

Some inhabitants of the park--- Fauna

Last summer in Vidauban (sud de la France)

Time flies when you're you're making jam...


These were taken almost one year ago... Aug. 2006, within the first two weeks of my arrival in France... We went south to Vidauban for two weeks so that I could "unwind" and settle in quietly to the French lifestyle... We sat out by the pool almost everyday and enjoyed the 80 degree weather in the south of France....

Farmer's market on Thursday....


WHO recognizes this LOVELY sign???? If not, it is town's administrative building... for immigration, driver's license,
national identity card, passports, etc....

YAHOOOOO!!!! It's OFFICIAL--- for a year, at least... Then I do it again.... then again... then again!!
I am NOT sure how many times this again and again thing will last but I think that after two years...
I get one for 5 years or something like that.. and by that time, I can apply for French citizenship, while
retaining my American citizenship... I wouldn't give up my American citizenship...

OH BOY!!!! Alex just informed me from looking on the website... My Carte de Sejour-- (temporary, at that) is NOT a RESIDENT CARD... I thought that is what it was in the first place... BUT NOOOOO..... it isn't. After TWO YEARS, I can apply for the resident card.. HOW RIDICULOUS!!! I AM a resident... Boy.. is that TRICKY.... Alex just told me I am eligible for French citizenship by April 2010.

June 22, 2007

Fooball americain...

Last week my hubby played his last football match of the season. He is a HUGE fan of American football. He is #40... Go, ALEX!!!