May 17, 2007


Pizza Hut's YUMMY Pizza Pie....IT tastes SOOOOOO good when you only eat it once a month!!!

DARE I?? I know you all LOVE when I blog about food- especially food from here, pastries, chocolate and ALL. But there exists here in our Town, just minutes away by car, a little Pizzzeria called...... PIZZA HUT!!!! I know, I know.. we have have cut out BREAD, PASTA, RICE and fats for over a month now and reaping the results (it is almost summer swimsuit season, ya know!). But who can resist the devilish goodness of a hot and fresh pizza pie from Pizza Hut? Very American, I know. If you must know, we have switched from thick (pan) crust to thin crust. Being from Los Angeles and growing up with the BEST of the BEST-- Numero Uno and Pizzeria Uno... even Shakey's back in the day, for that matter! And then having all access to BJ's Chicago Pizza, Sammy's Woodfired Pizzeria, and CPK in San Diego-

Who would EVER imagine this EXPAT gal would be eating Pizza Hut pizza for our once a month pizza binge- which even includes a 1/2 litre of diet Pepsi (Pepsi Max) for me and a regular Pepsi for Alex... Good thing it is only once a month, usually on a Friday when there is very little left in the frigo, not enough even for an "actual" meal, that is.. and we look at eachother with the glazed look in our eyes around 8h 30 and say outloud in sync... "PIZZA." Even if it sounds silly to devote a blog post to this, please know that this is ONE DAM GOOD TASTING PIZZA PIE... AMEN!!!!

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