May 30, 2007

Paris Blogger's Picnic...

Got this of of Petite Anglaise's Blog...
Looks like it will be the EVENT of the year....!!! Hope you all can make it...

Do you blog? Are you in Paris on Saturday 9th June? Do we look like the sort of people you'd like to spend quality time with?

Paris Blogger's Picnic
Your hosts Meg, Rhino, Frog with a Blog and Petite cordially invite you to join us for an afternoon of moderately well-behaved picknicking in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont from 2 pm (until late).

Non blogging friends, other halves and children are welcome.

Please RSVP to giving your blog name/link and we will send out precise details about exactly where to meet, contact phone number for lost souls, etc. For more info on who will be attending and to view their blogs please see:

A list of attendees' blogs will be posted beforehand so that you can check one another out.

21 May 2007

In attendance
your hosts

Meg Blagueur
Rhino Bookpacker
Petite Anglaise
Frog with a Blog

For a list of whose going and to view their blogs please see for more details..

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happywinner601 said...


I loved looking at all of your photos, and reading your blogs.