May 27, 2007

Les encombrants

If you look CLOSELY in this picture you will see a woman standing by her car. This is an example of how people come and look through the encombrants and pick out what they like and what to take.

Every Tuesday once a month people leave their encombrants outside their house on the sidewalk. It is something like recyclying because it is all of the things les eboueurs (trash collectors) won't collect on any other day but this designated day! So, you see LOTS of "SUTFF" outside and then you see the people who drive around slowly with their camionettes and "collect" items of their liking.. to refurbish and keep or refurbish and sell.. like at the brocante... We saw a quite a few of these camionettes slow down, look at the unwanted items, and drive by or stop and pick up some of the items.. like doors, used baby stuff, etc... and AFTER all this... the eboueurs come by with the BIG trash trucks and take whatever is left over... This all goes off to the dump heap... (I forgot how to say it in English now) and it sits there with all the rest of the trash that has been collected... and then incinerated.

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ColourMeCrazy said...

You know, that's how we used to get rid of things that we didn't need anymore - leave them on the sidewalk. We once left a little table in the morning and went for a little walk. It was gone when we got back!