May 31, 2007

Le Pain Quotidien.... The Daily Bread

Ahhhhhh!!! French bread... How can one really do without it? Not too hard to do if you don't eat it for a while, but then when you do finally indulge.. MIAMMMM!!! Oh so good.. Why is French bread sooo darn good???
Today was the first time I have bought breat in about 2 months or so... Can you believe it? Well, I stopped in the boulangerie today to say hello to the two ladies who work there... to show them the lovely pink meche I now have in my hair and my "new do." Anyhow.... as I was walking back... the baguette bent in half as it was still a bit warm and very soft. Don't you just HATE it when that happens?? How many times has that happened to you, I wonder??

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Michele said...

Mmmm... love french bread as well! Looking at your photos throughout your blog and they are amazing. Beautiful. Good job. Keep it up!! It is so nice to see.