May 29, 2007

For Antipo and Pauline... Cute Budgies

If you are trying to decide on a pet... BIRDS are great pets... and not too much of a hassle for feeding and clean up.. I would recommend a cocktiel or two... (males because they talk- females tend not to). If you like furry pets best.. a CHINCHILLA or two is a WONDERFUL kid pet... because they are very soft, cute, cuddly and easy to care for... If you would like more info.. I can tell you.. because I had a lot of pets when I lived in San Diego...

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Antipodeesse said...

Hi Leesa!

Thank you for the lovely pix: we are also budgie fans and I've always had tame budgies as pets.

In 2005 I got Kevin a pet cockatiel and Pauline a hamster for Christmas. You can read about those adventures here:

and here:

Sadly Cocky died recently, he must have caught cold. They are such fragile little creatures... It's hard to lose a pet, but Kevin is getting over it slowly.