May 24, 2007

Lys noir... WOW!!!

Here is the photo untouched.. The ones above were retouched in IPhoto.. Let me know which one you like best..


Anonymous said...

Wow, Leesa! I am really impressed with your photos. I especially like the chocolate lilies in the first photo. Great job!

- Renee Rodriguez (Buloock) from SAn Diego (Gary's friend)

PS I make my own greeting cards and I think that your photos are definitely commercial quality.

Anonymous said...

Renee was blown away by your pics. She asked if you were in the commercial business. She likes your still shots of flowers and food! I prefer the ones with baguettes!

Antipodeesse said...

Hi Leesa, and thanks for your comment on my Naughtiness blog. I looked up the brand of the tea mug for you:

Lang and Wise Fine Gifts Ltd.
PO Box 99
Delafield, WI 53018

and the scented tea lights are made by:

Yankee Candle
South Deerfield
MA 01373

but the fragrance sticks & oil don't have any mention on the packaging.

Hope that helps!

Antipodeesse said...

PS forgot to say I like the middle pic of the black lilies best!