May 31, 2007

Bubble dancers..

Le Roi Soleil...

I decided to catch up on some ancient posting... This was from the wonderful spectacle that we went to see in Dec. I liked so much, I went a second time on my own (since Alex saw it with me the first time) and had 4th row/middle! It was AWESOME! I LOVE Christophe Mae's performance.. They were all good, though! And GORGEOUS!!

New "Do" a la francaise...

Well... Today I went to my "hair appointment" to redo my meches. With summer just around the corner and the need to "go lighter," I explained to the really nice platinum blond coiffeuse how I would like my hair this time... I even brought my laptop with the pictures to show her of how it was last summer... We discussed lightening up the reddish low-lights I had with a more golden tone. She showed me the colour and I wasn't really sure how it would look in the end, but said okay... HEY!!! I am adventrous. As I waited with the colour in my hair, I caught up with Star gossip en francais... (read a few magazines and tried to learn new words, too). After she rinsed out the colour and shampooed my hair, she gave me the MOST wonderful scalp massage, which makes it all worthwhile!! After all this, she concluded by putting one chunky pink (hot pink) meche near my ear! I love it!! That pink colour will only last about 10 days, she said... and the price... all of 86 euros... and I tipped her 10...
It is soooo much more expensive here in France to do your hair! Back at Wendy's Beauty Salon in Point Loma, I paid about $40 for the same job minus the pink. Oh.... I miss... the inexpensiveness of it all... But REAL happy that they did a very nice job on my hair today!

My Dad's Boutique in Paris

Just found my dad's shop in Paris.. Bob Shop!! I took the pic so I could send it to him, of course. It's not really his shop...

Little petit chou!

Shoes anyone??

It's a "girl thang!!" I was walking to Opera the other day and passed by this store window... Oh la la... Who could EVER where these shoes? They look deadly!! Knowing me, I would fall and break my neck during the first few moments they were on my feet.. Interesting though, not sure if I like them or not!! Any thoughs???

While we are on the subject of the daily bread...

What about the daily patisserie? Hehe.. just kidding.. We don't indulge in these anymore.. Tant pas... alors...

Here are some other favs.... These kinds of things SHOULD be outlawed!!!

Le Pain Quotidien.... The Daily Bread

Ahhhhhh!!! French bread... How can one really do without it? Not too hard to do if you don't eat it for a while, but then when you do finally indulge.. MIAMMMM!!! Oh so good.. Why is French bread sooo darn good???
Today was the first time I have bought breat in about 2 months or so... Can you believe it? Well, I stopped in the boulangerie today to say hello to the two ladies who work there... to show them the lovely pink meche I now have in my hair and my "new do." Anyhow.... as I was walking back... the baguette bent in half as it was still a bit warm and very soft. Don't you just HATE it when that happens?? How many times has that happened to you, I wonder??

May 30, 2007

BLOGGER'S PICNIC PARIS here we come!!!!!


Thanks to the hosts/hostesses for finding these cool SP Avatars.. I really liked the site as one of my hobbies is creating cool avatars... Yeh.. get a life, why dontcha!!!! Well, here is my rendition of my SP Avatar... So I guess this is what I will be wearing to the picnic... I am really excited at the prospect of meeting fellow Expats as it is not something I really get to do to often.. Even my husband is excited about going, as well.. Looking forward to seeing you all there... and it has been fun discovering Bloggers whom I did not know about so thanks for posting them PA.... (BTW, Laura Testa Rossa says hello and sorry she cannot make it-she will be back in Paris at the end of June).
Ciao, Leesa

I think the one of Alex looks more like him than I do in my avatar...

Okay... So here is the funny part... All of my family/friends who have ever met Alex.. (and believe me, he has met a ton of them during his 4 trips to the States... He is the SPITTING image of his photos.. So, this Southpark cartoon really does him justice... just see...

and then me, of course....

And then... BOTH of us...

Me and my daily MANTRA..

This photo was taken almost two years ago when Alex and I were traveling thru France in the summer of '05

This is my DAILY MATRA.... LIVE...(which I CAN do) while doing a cartwheel ( which I cannot do!!)

Paris Blogger's Picnic...

Got this of of Petite Anglaise's Blog...
Looks like it will be the EVENT of the year....!!! Hope you all can make it...

Do you blog? Are you in Paris on Saturday 9th June? Do we look like the sort of people you'd like to spend quality time with?

Paris Blogger's Picnic
Your hosts Meg, Rhino, Frog with a Blog and Petite cordially invite you to join us for an afternoon of moderately well-behaved picknicking in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont from 2 pm (until late).

Non blogging friends, other halves and children are welcome.

Please RSVP to giving your blog name/link and we will send out precise details about exactly where to meet, contact phone number for lost souls, etc. For more info on who will be attending and to view their blogs please see:

A list of attendees' blogs will be posted beforehand so that you can check one another out.

21 May 2007

In attendance
your hosts

Meg Blagueur
Rhino Bookpacker
Petite Anglaise
Frog with a Blog

For a list of whose going and to view their blogs please see for more details..

May 29, 2007

For Antipo and Pauline... Cute Budgies

If you are trying to decide on a pet... BIRDS are great pets... and not too much of a hassle for feeding and clean up.. I would recommend a cocktiel or two... (males because they talk- females tend not to). If you like furry pets best.. a CHINCHILLA or two is a WONDERFUL kid pet... because they are very soft, cute, cuddly and easy to care for... If you would like more info.. I can tell you.. because I had a lot of pets when I lived in San Diego...

To Pauline.. who likes furry critters.. Me, too!!

I have new BLOG friends here in BLOGLAND.. this makes me happy... Nice to meet you both.. Antiopodesse and her cute daughter, Pauline.. (Happy belated birthday, by the way). I found these pics in my photo library and I am dedicating them to you both... Enchante' .... Leesa

A "not so" typcial sight in France?

My oh my? Is that a MAC? No, it's TWO Macs.. my IMAC which I shipped over via DHL with my wedding dress and the other is the MacBook en noir... that I purchased just a few weeks before I left Cali in August... I could NEVER "be" without my MACs... hehe... Any other Mac users out there in BLOGLAND?

A typical sight in France...

My sweet hubby fetching the daily bread!! Hehe.. I should devote a post to photos of others fetching the bread.. Question?! How many of you are GUILTY of nibbling off a few pieces of that nice warm and soft baguette before it hits home??!! Just curious!! Smiles... : )

St. Germain en Laye.....

I visited with a wonderful new friend named Jill... she lives nearby...

What in the WORLD?

Anyone know what these flowers are called? I have never seen them before I took the photos so if you DO know.. please tell...