May 1, 2007

Happy May Day.... Muguet anyone?

Alex trying to decide on a nice muguet for his mom for May Day. This is a French custom of giving family and loved ones a spring or two of Lily of the Valley... Ahhhhh, smells so nice! Supposed to bring good luck, or as Alex says... it's good for the fleuristes! Business is business! Not too much muguet this year in the forets. Cause for this: Not enough rainfall this year for a productive harvest... People do grow this in their garden so I imagine they can pick their own rather than rely on the supermarkets and fleurists for their muguet. I think it is a nice custom. For me, any chance to give or receive flowers is always welcomed! HAPPY MAY DAY... and enjoy the conge'- day off! Desolee' to all of my friends and family in the American work force.... You guys have to wait until September to get your day off!! And, to boot no MUGUET for you... Oh well, at least you have Memorial Day off from work, a famous 3 day weekend... and also the weendend of the Brasilian Carnaval Parade in San Francisco!

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