April 23, 2007

Claude Monet's House and Garden

Today we headed for Giverny, home of the famous French Impressionist artisit, Claude Monet. It was about and a half's drive from Antony, so not really far to reach a little piece of paradise! It was a gorgeous spring day and we stayed there for several hours while enjoying the bright and varied colours of spring flowers, along with their wonderful fragrances.

In honor of the memory of my beloved mom, Louise, I hereby dedicate this entry, as well as the ones to follow- pictures of Monet's house and garden, as my mom was a true nature woman at heart and her garden was her paradise. Now, she is enjoying a heavenly paradise and sending her radiant rays of love and hope down on those who loved her. I miss my mom incrediby, and everytime I see things like this, the beauty of nature, it makes me think of my loving mom... God bless you mom... Your loving daughter who misses you so very much......

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