March 1, 2007

Caramel Cheesecake... made in France

Okay, I broke down and had a piece... It was DELISH-ous beyond words.. Clearly, my BEST EVER cheesecake...le cheesecake caramel!! I have to say, "Move over, CheesecakeFactory... !!!!! Along with my cafe' with evaporated milk.. this clearly "takes the cake..."I am sooo happy that I was able to replicate the delicate, but rich flavor and texture of the American cheesecake... here in France!! I have to say that I used the last box of graham cracker crumbs from the US, but as soon as someone
ventures this way, you can surely pack a few boxes in your valise and I will gladly make you a cheesecake upon arrival.. Fair swap, I think!!! Anyhow, I just wanted to send this little note with the pictures to SHARE my gourmet experience with you!
Alex will have some later on this evening and then bring the rest to work to share with his coworkers who ask him eagerly when is "his wife going to bake more goods?" Ha ha... I am gainly popularity through people's stomachs! Well, at least we can say that les Francais connaissent tres bien... la bonne cuisine... et bien... la bonne cuisiniere!! C'est moi!!

Bon appetit!

I made SIMPLY SCRUMPTIOUS caramel cheesecake last night and had my first piece today... I used St. Moret cheese as a substitute for Phlly cream cheese and you can't tell the difference! Oh BOY! Was it EVER DELISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIOUS! I have to give the rest away because to Alex's coworkers tomorrow because it is just too deadly to keep around the house...
Especially since I am armed with PMS!! Recipe courtesy of:
Top photo: Robert Thomas

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Anonymous said...

I had some caramel last year; I should check the back of the refridgerator shelves. I guess we're spoiled by the Ben & Jerry's with the "karamel" mixed in from th store.
If I could revive a letter to the alphabet, it would be 'thorn'; and "the" would be a one letter word.
If only by your blog; one must/might conclude you are a writing-photographer.
And you have a Peet's cup ! Good for you! The Diedrick's at Uptown (by Trader Joe's) has closed and is being remodelled to a
Keep up th good work ( I'll print these latest for Margot) in the words of Garrison Keillor; Be well, Do good work, Keep in touch......
Richard Miner