March 24, 2007

More favorite pets....

Punani and Blanco.. The marvelous talking cockteils.... I miss them sooo much!!!!

Favorite pets.....

Snowy.. dearly beloved Chinchilla.. my BABY... who passed away the day before I went to go visit him in Vista... SOOO SAD! He was 11 years old!! I had him for that long- 1995-2006! Little girl, Starry and Snowball

March 22, 2007


A picture from Sophie....

Now THIS is SPRING!!!!!!! Merci Sophie!

Artiste a Montmarte..

Young woman being drawn in by aspiring artist a Montmarte

Le Chat Noir.. a Montmarte


Sometimes it is just as interesting to capture a store or building as the subject as it is to shoot a nature scene or vista.

Art and Photography... just matter of preference...

Since I have a lot of free time on my hands these days and love to "mess" with my photos, I have done some "touch ups" several, giving a very special effect to each photo. I call this ART. Many friends and family have expressed their thoughts that I take very good photos and that I should do something with my talent. My friend, Ann, even suggested compiling the photos to make a book, which I thought was an EXCELLENT idea... I love my "art work," and hopefully, you will too! And, hopefully, God willing, I will do something lucrative with my passion for photography. If anything at all, it is just nice to be able to share it with people.

Le Chocolat.. aphrodisiac or laxative?!! You tell me!!!

How could anything THIS beautiful and DELISH-ious be anything but heaven sent?? Good question.. perhaps you can tell me... I found that these Easter chocolate pieces, so delicately detailed and filled with ganache of almond pate and pralines to be highly efficace.. in fact, too much so... Dianella knows exactly what I mean by this.. as we discussed over email that I must put the box away and eat NO MORE for now... Oh well, they were very delicious as far as chocolates go....

First day of Spring outside the window...

It looks like a beautiful first day of spring..
Don't let appearances fool you.. The early
morning weather is 3-4 C and is warming
up to 7 during the day.. cloudy all around!
I am FREEZING!!! Are you sure this is SPRING??
I was just getting used to 14-16 C and thinking
that that was nice, warm weather but THIS is

First sunset of SPRING in Antony..

The entire day was CLOUDY and COLD...
At around 6 pm, an hour before sunset. The sky cleared up in time for a lovely spring sunset.... I was amazed!! It was as though it was clear the entire day!

March 20, 2007

Cupcakes... Nothing like this here in France!!

I didn't take ANY of these photos... I found them on the web.. but I thought they looked so pretty and also
DELISH-ious that I wanted to post them... Also, they don't make cupcakes here in France.. I have not seen anything
like a cupcake here in France... Do you think I could open a store for cupcakes, muffins, brownies and cookies
here? It would be such a novelty item.. I think it would work well in Paris!!!