February 28, 2007

st. Germain des Pres...(touched up shots)

St Germain des Pres... touched up...

le Louvre, Paris.....

These shots were taken in Paris last week in
the St. Germain des Pres area... I was playing
around with my editing features a bit so that
is why some of the photos seem a little drastic.
Let me know if you like the "special effects" as
I get more creative with my photography!!
Peace.......... : P

More of the famer's market...
Is anyone hungry now??

Au Marche' d'Antony.....

At the farmer's market of Antony (le marche' d'Antony)

Me and Nadia, my friend from the marche'.

Alex and I spent a day on wheels a
few Sunday's ago when we were
experiencing some warm weather!
We enjoyed our time together... and
especially outdoors!!! It was the first
time for me on blades for about a year and half...

It was like getting back on a bike..
Forsythe and wild primroses abound....
for spring is in the air!!

Lovely Nacissus and yellow mimosas fit the theme for spring....

The woods near our apartment in Antony..
There are many small animals who live there,
even hedgehogs!! I would be happy to see one
in person!! I think that the only come out at
night to dine, as they are nocturnal... but who

Le Parc D'Aurore

Walking and admiring the spring
flowers in the neighborhood gardens
is very uplifting for the spirit... It
brings about a peace of mind and
frees the heart from the stresses of
everyday life... I imagine it would be
amazing to live in the countryside
with nature as my neighbor on all
sides.... A little more isolation but
a little more freedom of spirit... the
houses here seem so close together.
Not much room inbetween....

Une promenade in the neighborhood... (Antony)

February 27, 2007

Spingtime in the neighbourhood..

Today we took our morning walk (Hugette et moi)...
March weather is funny because you are never quite
sure what it will be from one minute to the next...
I left home with a light fleece jacket which was fine
for the 14 C temperature... However with the added
wind chill at some points during our walk, it was a
little too chilly for me... It rained for a few moments
and at the very end of our 2 1/2 hour stroll, the sun
decided to come out.. Go figure.. and then it rained!!
I imagine there is a rainbow out there somewhere
right now!

Ah Spring....

The change of weather from cold to warm...
I can tell that spring is in the air because there
are flowers galour in bloom in the gardens...
Just walking around the neighbourhoods and
seeing the bright yellow nacisses.. and the purple
crocuses in bloom is just a wonderful sight.
I never noticed so many flowers as I do now.. there
are just a array of Hyacinths, Crocuses, Narcissus
and Irises... The tulips will bloom next.. The trees
with their white and bright pink blossoms.... it is
just breathtaking... And so, my first spring in France.
I am sure it will be exciting because I am a Flower Girl
at heart....

Spring has sprung!!!!