January 15, 2015

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, order online, delivered directly to your home!


My niece, Anais, is selling Girl Scout Cookies. Please help her by ordering your Girl Scout Cookies from her online!  It is greatly appreciated! Please check the link to order directly from her and help her directly in her efforts to sell cookies for her troop!  Thanks!

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? I love them all, but did you know that Girl Scout Cookies are so much more than just a delicious treat?
Selling cookies teaches me many leadership skills that help me to be confident and successful today and in the future. By selling cookies, I learn:
✓ Goal Setting
✓ Decision Making
✓ Money Management
✓ People Skills
✓ Business Ethics
✓ And so much more!
I think that's pretty cool. Don't you? To learn more about my cookie earnings and learnings, please visit my Digital Cookie Site and...
Buy Cookies
If you've already bought tons of Girl Scout Cookies this year, that's OK! You can still donate cookies to Cookies from the Heart. And remember, you're also helping me earn a Cookie Business badge that shows what I've learned while selling cookies.
Hurry! Cookie sales end Mon Mar 02 23:59:59 CST 2015.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Girl Scout Cookie Program
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January 8, 2015

January 3, 2015

Happy New Year Weekend Everyone!

It's going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones!

Welcome 2015!

December 28, 2014

Brown sugar frosting, it's coming up CARAMEL!!

Gotta try this one, Looks delish!!

From the blog: I Wash You Dry.

Photo taken directly from the blog I Wash You Dry

December 25, 2014

Some adventures in homemade gelato!

The BEST!!  I love ice cream and now I have it under my belt!!  Homemade is soooo much better than store bought!!

Preparing my Christmas meal....

Some cranberry orange sauce, roasted potimaron.. just waiting for my turkey, veggies and bread to arrive!!

My very festive Bûche de Noël, all dressed up for Christmas!

I made a Black forest Bûche, cherry filling with whipped cream topping.  I made fondant cutouts and decorated the sides with sugar mushooms finished off with green grass icing along the border.

Christmas Eve dinner at my Mom-in-law's.

Alex is very ZEN! 

Traditional raw oysters with scallot sauce. Everyone loved them, but I don't eat sea food, so none for me!